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7MS #331: How to Become a Packtpub Author - Part 3

It's done! It's done!! It's DONE!!! That's right mom, my PacktPub course called Mastering Kali Linux Network Scanning is done! In today's episode I: Recap the course authoring experience Explain my super anal retentive editing process that takes 4 hours for every 10 minutes of produced video Admit some last »

7MS #293: How to Become a Packtpub Author - Part 2

Intro Back in episode 280 I talked about how I started working with PacktPub to start authoring a video course on vulnerability scanning using Kali. Since that episode I've found that recording and editing high quality video clips is taking waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy longer than I'd like, but it's worth it to »

7MS #280: How to Become a Packtpub Author

Intro I'm excited to announce I'm going to be a PacktPub author! I'm going to work with them to create a course on network/vulnerability scanning. I'm pumped, but kinda nervous, so when I had the initial conversations with PacktPub staff, I made sure I hit them with my burning »