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7MS #312: OFF-TOPIC - Boxing a Cat

Intro It has been a heck of a week (in a good way), and I'm taking a break from security so you can help me untangle a mystery that's been wrapped around my brain for years. I need you to help me figure out what this dude meant when he »

7MS #292: OFF-TOPIC - How I Nearly Killed My Sister with a Snowball

Intro Hey folks, I had originally planned to cover the CredDefense toolkit but I couldn't get it working. I'm basically having the same issue that someone reported here. Sooooo....will have to save that for next week. In the meantime, this episode features a story about how I nearly knocked »

7MS #283: OFF-TOPIC - I Love Cops and COPS

Intro My plans for this week's podcast went hush-hush, kablooie, bye-bye, see ya, adios. So, I'm pinch-hitting and going off-topic and talking about...of all things...cops. Now wait! Wait wait! Don't run away. I'm not going all political on you or anything like that. Just wanna share some anecdotes »

7MS #259: OFF-TOPIC - Home Robbery Attribution

Intro Warning! Warning! This is an off-topic episode! I try really hard to create valuable weekly content about IT/security. However, sometimes a virtual grenade goes off in my life and prevents me from having the necessary time/resources to get my act together. This has been one of those »