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7MS #295: Interview with Kevin Keane

Intro Today I'm excited to be joined by my friend and advisor Kevin Keane (Twitter / LinkedIn) who is a lawyer, blogger, keynote speaker, business advisor, and just all around great guy. Kevin and I sit down to talk about: How SMBs can take some productive security baby steps How to »

7MS #290: Interview with Joe Klein

Intro My pal and former coworker Joe Klein joins me in the virtual studio to discuss: His career as a diesel mechanic and insurance guru How to leave a stable job, take a huge pay cut and start a risky infosec internship (sounds like the name of a broadway musical! »

7MS #278: Interview with SE Guru Rob Sell

Intro We're breaking ground with this episode, folks! For the first time in 7MS history, we've got a guest on the show (finally, right?!). Rob Sell is an IT manager who has been working in IT for many years, with a focus on information security specifically for the last 4 »