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7MS #453: Interview with Marcello Salvati

This episode of 7 Minute Security is sponsored by Datadog. Accelerate security investigations and break down silos between developers, security, and operations teams by correlating your threats, metrics, traces, and logs all in one place. Try it for yourself and get a free t-shirt at Today's »

7MS #444: Interview with Christopher Fielder of Arctic Wolf

This podcast is sponsored by Arctic Wolf, whose Concierge Security teams Monitor, Detect and Respond to Cyber threats 24/7 for thousands of customers around the world. Arctic Wolf. Redefining cybersecurity. Visit to learn more. Happy December! Today I virtually sat down with Christopher Fielder of Arctic »

7MS #430: Interview with Dan DeCloss

Today we're thrilled to have our friend and PlexTrac CEO Dan DeCloss back to the program! (P.S. PlexTrac is launching runbooks as a feature - and you should definitely check out PlexTrac's upcoming Webinar about runbooks on September 9!). We also did a PlexTrac 101 Webinar with them recently! »

7MS #427: Interview with Ameesh Divatia from Baffle

Today we're thrilled to welcome Ameesh Divatia from Baffle back to the program. We first met Ameesh back in episode 349 and today he's back to discuss a slew of additional hot security topics, including: Misconfigured cloud databases Why is this such a common issue, and how can we address »

7MS #402: Interview with Matt Duench of Arctic Wolf

Today I'm joined by Matt Duench (LinkedIn / Twitter), who has a broad background in technology and security - from traveling to over 40 countries around the world working with telecom services, to his current role at Arctic Wolf where he leads product marketing for their managed risk solution. Matt chatted »

7MS #393: Interview with Peter Kim is the only enterprise solution to protect organizations against credential stuffing and password spraying attacks. Visit for more details, and tell them 7 Minute Security sent you to get a 10% discount! Peter Kim of The Hacker Playbook series joins me today to talk about all »

7MS #378: Interview with Zane West of Proficio

In today's episode, I sit down with Zane West of Proficio. Zane has been in information security for more than 20 years - starting out in the "early days" as a sysadmin and then moved up into global infrastructure architect function in the banking world. Today Zane manages »

7MS #350: Interview with Lewie Wilkinson of Pondurance

Today's featured interview is with Lewie Wilkinson, senior integration engineer at Pondurance. Pondurance helps customers improve their security posture by providing a managed threat hunting and response solution, including a 24/7 SOC. Lewie joined me via Skype to talk a lot about a topic I'm fascinated with: incident response! »

7MS #349: Interview with Ameesh Divatia of Baffle

Today's featured interview is with Ameesh Divatia, cofounder and CEO at Baffle. Baffle offers an interesting approach to data protection that they call data-centric protection, and the idea is you need to protect information at the record level, not just the sort of traditional approach of "encrypt at rest& »

7MS #345: Interview with Amber Boone

Coming up on Tuesday, January 22 I'll be doing a Webinar with Netwrix called 4 Ways Your Organization Can Be Hacked. It features a Billy Madison theme and pits evil Eric Gordon against sysadmin Billy Madison. Hope you'll join us - it'll be fun! Today I'm pleased to welcome Amber »

7MS #343: Interview with Dan DeCloss

Psssst! Wanna come to the first ever 7MS User Group meeting? It's coming up on January 14th. You can join in person or virtually! Head here for more information! Dan DeCloss (a.k.a. wh33lhouse on Slack and @PlexTracFTW aon Twitter) joined me virtually in the studio to talk about »