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7MS #274: Speaking at ILTACON - Part 4

Intro I'm back from Vegas! My talk went really well and I'm excited to tell you about it in today's episode. First, some conference/trip highlights: During the ILTACON conference I attended a great talk by Don McMillan about how to infuse humor into your work environment. Really enlightening, and »

7MS #273: Speaking at ILTACON - Part 3

Intro I ran out of time in episode #272 to tell you about why preparing to be a speaker for ILTACON was way more stressful that preparing for Secure360 a few months ago. The main points of difference/stress were: ILTA wanted to see PowerPoint deck progress weekly, whereas with »

7MS #272: Speaking at ILTACON - Part 2

Intro This is part 2 of a series focusing on public speaking - specifically for the ILTACON conference happening in Vegas this week. In this episode I share a high-level walkthrough of my talk and the 10 "Blue Team on a Budget" tips that the talk will focus »

7MS #262: Speaking at ILTACON

Intro Through kind of a weird series of events, I have an opportunity to speak at ILTACON this summer in Vegas (baby!). I'll be talking about some things you can do if you suspect your perimeter is breached, as well as low-hanging fruit you can implement to better defend against »