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New Burp Suite out!

I’m still getting comfortable with Burp Suite (http://releases.portswigger.net/2014/07/v1603.html) but this new version looks impressive (especially since I don’t understand what half the new features mean :-) ). I’m currently getting up to speed on Zed Attack Proxy (https: »

Review: Certified Ethical Hacker training

The Skinny: I wanted to increase my “good guy hacking” skills and had heard good things about the Certified Ethical Hacker training from the infosec community so I decided to give it a whirl.  I took the training through American National University for ~$1,500.  I attended class »

Shmoocon 2013

Shmoocon 2013“Shmoocon 2013”, a playlist created by HackersOnBoard This looks to be a very cool YouTube playlist of Schmoocon videos and content (thank you PaulDotCom wiki). »

I don't normally create new accounts on Windows systems...

I don't normally create new accounts on Windows systems, but when I do I use a long passphraseThis short (and awesome) article talks about the challenges of creating users w/long passphrases via meterpreter shell. The money shot is: C:\> net user tim 15CharacterP@ss /add /y »


htshells htshells - Self contained htaccess shells and attacks This looks interesting. A nice little collection of shells/attacks for use in Web hosting environments. »