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7MS #173: DIY SSH Honeypot with Kippo

Interested in having some fun with Kippo (an SSH honeypot) on your Digital Ocean server? Here's a super fast getting started guide based on this doc: Do an apt-get update && apt-get upgrade Open etc/ssh/sshd_config Change the port to be some odd port you want to »

7MS #165: DIY Podcast

Well, my first choice for topic today (DIY retro gaming console) fell through (ARGH!) so today I chat about another topic people ask about: what tools/services go into making a podcast. Here's my setup in a nutshell: Podcast content hosted by Zencast Blog running on Ghost on a Digital »

7MS #147: DIY Hosted Mutillidae

In this episode I talk about how to build a cheap hosted Mutillidae server to safely hack away on while keeping other Internet prowlers out. Here are the basic commands to run to lock down the Digital Ocean droplet's iptables firewall: Flush existing rules sudo iptables -F Allow all concurrent »