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Episode #22 is out!

July 27, 2014
And it’s all about using Black Squirrel ( for phishing campaigns. Subscribe via and enjoy!

New podcast episode is out!

July 21, 2014
Per the last update on the blog, make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast feed to stay up to date on all episodes (I won’t be

7MS #19: Kioptrix! (audio)

July 05, 2014
In this episode I talk about a deliciously vulnerable series of VMs called Kioptrix, and how you can use them to sharpen your pentesting skills. Download: 7MS #19: Kioptrix! (audio)

7MS #18: Wireless Security 101 (audio)

June 22, 2014
In this episode I talk about some wireless security basics that we’re not seeing when out on assessments. Download: 7MS #18: Wireless Security 101 (audio) Show notes: WEP