UPDATE: Patreon campaign now available!

In March, 2017 we launched a 7MS Patreon campaign. Check it out and the following cool things could be yours:

  • 7MS stickers!
  • Monthly hacking session via Google Hangouts!
  • Resume review to nail that next job!
  • Acoustic concert live on the Interwebz!

Why support 7MS? Here's why!

The fine folks below have supported 7 Minute Security in the past via PayPal and I appreciate them dearly!

Super Supporters (2017)

  • Sunny
  • Walter C.(again - thank you!)
  • Doug (again - thanks!)
  • Marcelo
  • Walter G.
  • John F.

Super Supporters (2016):

Why support 7MS?

7MS is hosted by Zencast.fm, a great and affordable podcasting service with fantastic support! However, it's not free. Neither is the Digital Ocean site that 7MS.us runs on. I also put a lot of my personal time on nights and weekends into working on these podcasts and videos, as well as the BPATTY documentation project.

So I'd love to have your support via Patreon so I can continue offering this content!