Projects and Resources

Here are some projects 7MS is working on for the security community:


BPATTY is short for:

Brian's Pentesting and Technical Tips for You, and is basically the knowledge dump of everything I learn about security as I learn it!

You can knab it from GitHub, but for a more easy and digestible way to view it, browse BPATTY in wiki format at!


Codenewb is my collection of notes and practice exercises I'm writing as I learn Python, C# and PowerShell. My hope is that this "teach it to learn it" approach helps me understand coding better, and also helps other codenewbs get interested in coding as well. You can explore Codenewb in its GitHub or Wiki-fied state.


I'm working on writing some songs - some of which have an infosec theme.

Speaking opportunities

I keep an up to date list of speaking opportunities here.

Virtual machines

I've made a few vulnerable machine I designed for practicing pentesting. One's based on the movie Tommy Boy and the other's based on
Billy Madison.