7MS #338: SIEMple Tests for Your SIEM Solution

Today's episode talks about some SIEMple tests you can run on your SIEM (OMg see what I did there? I took the word simple and made it SIEMple. Genius stuff, right? And there's no extra charge for it!). And if you're just now starting to shop around for a SIEM, »

7MS #337: Happy Secure Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! In this episode I: Share some things I'm thankful for - like you! Talk about a fun episode I'm working on that has some SIEMple tests you can use to test your SIEM (omg see what I did there? So clever) Announce the 7MS user's group that will »

7MS #335: Cool Stuff I Just Learned From Red Teamers

Today I'm excited to brain-dump a bunch of cool stuff I learned at a red team conference called ArcticCon this week. Although this conference observes the Chatham house rule I'm just going to talk about a few things from a general, high level. Specifically, I asked several heavy-hitting red teams »

7MS #334: IT Security Horrors That Keep You Up at Night

This week I got to celebrate Halloween with my friends at Netwrix by co-hosting a Webinar called IT Security Horrors That Keep You Up at Night. The content was a modified version of the Blue Team on a Budget talk I've been doing the past year or so, and essentially »

7MS #333: Pentesting Potatoes

This week I was in lovely Boise, Idaho doing some security assessment work. While I was there I got to hang out with Paul Wilch and some of the Project7 crew and picked up a lot of cool tools and tips I share in today's episode: The Badger Infosec group »

7MS #332: Low Hanging Hacker Fruit

In this episode I'm releasing a new document aimed to help organizations eliminate low hanging hacker fruit from the environment. The document contains (relatively) cheap and (relatively) easy things to implement. And my hope is it can be a living/breathing document that will bulk up over time. Got things »

7MS #331: How to Become a Packtpub Author - Part 3

It's done! It's done!! It's DONE!!! That's right mom, my PacktPub course called Mastering Kali Linux Network Scanning is done! In today's episode I: Recap the course authoring experience Explain my super anal retentive editing process that takes 4 hours for every 10 minutes of produced video Admit some last »

7MS #330: Interview with Nathan Hunstad of Code42

In today's episode, I'm excited to be joined in the studio by Nathan Hunstad, Director of Security at Code42. Nathan and I had a great chat about Code42's new security offering called Code42 Forensic File Search, which helps IT and security teams figure out where files are located across their »

7MS #329: Active Directory Security 101

Today's episode is brought to you by my friends at Netwrix. Their amazing Netwrix Auditor tool gives you visibility into what’s happening both on your local network and cloud-based IT systems and tells you about critical changes, and when and where people have been accessing data. Give it a »