How to create a podcast (for free!) with Tumblr, Dropbox, Feedburner and Wordpress
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How to create a podcast (for free!) with Tumblr, Dropbox, Feedburner and Wordpress

Ok so this isn’t really security related but I thought it might be relevant considering I’ve been banging my head against a wall for a few days!

Some background: I’ve been trying to create a podcast on the cheap (actually, for free).  I set out to do that using:

  • Dropbox to host the audio content
  • Feedburner to create an RSS feed that people can subscribe to using an RSS reader and/or iTunes
  • Tumblr to host the podcast-related blog post content (update: Tumblr stopped supporting Feedburner so I signed up for a free account to host the podcast content.)

So my steps to get things kicked off were:

  1. I used an app called DropVox on my iPhone to record the first podcast.
  2. I then used this app on my desktop called to convert it from m4a to MP3.
  3. I used Feedburner to create a feed that I could submit to iTunes so that people could eventually subscribe to my podcast.

Now here’s where I ran into problems.  I created my first podcast and published it here on the 7MS Tumblr.  Then I tested the functionality of audio enclosures by opening up iTunes and manually subscribing to my Feedburner feed.  No matter what happened, I could not get my first episode to pop-up!  When I ran Feedburner’s troubleshooting tool called Podmedic, I was told The URL was unavailable or FeedBurner could not receive a response within 10 seconds.  I tried the URL to the MP3 manually and it worked just fine.

Long story short, I found my answer in this thread and the magic fix was to remove the s in the https part of the Dropbox link.  I made that change, then tested the feed a few hours later and *poof!* the feed started working properly.

The final step was to submit my feed to iTunes.  I followed this guide to do that, and within a few days everything was approved and I was good to go!

Update: as noted at the top of this post, right when I got everything up and running perfectly, Tumblr informed me they no longer provide interoperability with Feedburner.  So, I created a free blog with and put all my podcast-related posts there, then pointed my Feedburner post to the Wordpress site.