"Hey, I came here because I heard you covered insert name of important topic like OSCP/CEH/OSWP. Where are those episodes?" Below is a mini guide to help you find our most popular content:

Career guidance

In December I talked about my move from a small infosec consulting shop to a big Megacorp. This series details that journey:

  • #132: Part 1: When it may be time to look for a new job (or not)
  • #133: Part 2: How to stand out during phone screenings and interviews
  • #134: Part 3: How to gracefully transition from old job to new job
  • #135: Part 4: Here's what I'm doing in my new gig!

After this series, I received some questions from people asking which environment I preferred - a big Megacorp or a small consulting shop. This episode was my response:

  • #159: What size company is right for me?

Certified Ethical Hacker

Here are some posts and episodes I did on the CEH training:

  • #51: My experience with the CEH vs. OSCP certs, and some info to hopefully help point you in the right direction for which cert best fits you.


Here are the episodes covering the nine-part series on the OSCP training and certification:

  • #21: A kick-off to my OSCP death wish.
  • #23: The importance of documenting EVERYTHING as you go.
  • #32: An obvious (hopefully) tip that will save you a ton of time.
  • #35: More about the challenging, rage-inducing training experience.
  • #36: More OSCP discussion goodness.
  • #40: OSCP continues to kick my butt.
  • #41: Tired of talking about OSCP yet? Me neither!
  • #49: Part 1 of talking about the exam experience itself.
  • #50: Part 2 (of 2) talking about the exam itself, and how I almost died taking it.


  • #80: OSWP - Part 1
  • #81: OSWP - Part 2
  • #82: OSWP - Part 3
  • #86: OSWP - THE FINAL CHAPTER (about the test itself)!