7MS #494: Interview with Josh Burnham of Liquid Web
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7MS #494: Interview with Josh Burnham of Liquid Web

Today we chat with Josh Burnham, Security Operations Manager at Liquid Web. As someone who helps support and secure a hosted environment, Josh sleeps with one eye open :-). We talked about:

  • How security in a hosting environment has changed from "back in the day" to today

  • Tips for running a successful bug bounty program

  • Why your organization might want to utilize a security.txt file

  • Tips on dealing with the grind of an information security career and how to stay mentally/physically

  • Things to NOT assume when migrating servers and services to a hosting provider

  • How you shouldn't be afraid of mistakes (but should try your best to make informed, educated ones :-). Jayson Street has some great stories in this vein!

  • The importance of backups, and why "The condition of any backup is unknown until a restore is attempted." - Schrödinger’s Backup