7MS #491: Interview with Louis Evans of Arctic Wolf
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7MS #491: Interview with Louis Evans of Arctic Wolf

This podcast is sponsored by Arctic Wolf, whose Concierge Security teams Monitor, Detect and Respond to Cyber threats 24/7 for thousands of customers around the world. Arctic Wolf. Redefining cybersecurity. Visit Arcticwolf.com/7MS to learn more.

Today we're joined by Louis Evans of Arctic Wolf to talk about all things cyber insurance, including:

  • History on cyber insurance - who's buying it, what it does and doesn't cover, and when it started to be something you didn't want to leave home without

  • What are insurance companies asking/demanding of customers before writing a cyber insurance policy?

  • What basic things organizations can do to reduce malware/ransomware incidents (whether they are considering a cyber insurance policy or not)?

  • How do I evaluate the various insurance carriers out there and pick a good one?