7MS #484: Desperately Seeking a Super SIEM for SMBs - Part 3
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7MS #484: Desperately Seeking a Super SIEM for SMBs - Part 3

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Today we're continuing our series called Desperately Seeking a Super SIEM for SMBs - this time with a focus on a new contender in our bake-off: Perch Security!

It might help you to go back and take in part 1 and part 2, but today we're focusing on the first experience I had chatting with the sales/technical folks at Perch. TLDL: I really liked a lot of things I was hearing and seeing. Pros (perceived) include:

  • Simple pricing model
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Cool "marketplace" of integrations you can add to your instance and start getting alerts for
  • Nice API integration that seemed pretty simple to use - and that covers a lot of different cloud products and services
  • Ticket dashboard looked straightfoward to use and interpret
  • Can quickly add IPs/subnets that you don't want to monitor, if appropriate