7MS #453: Interview with Marcello Salvati
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7MS #453: Interview with Marcello Salvati

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Today's featured interview is with Marcello Salvati of Black Hills Information Security. Marcello is a.k.a. byt3bl33d3r, and known for his many contributions to the security community. We here at 7MS first became familiar with his work after using CrackMapExec on our penetration tests, and today we sat down with Marcello to discuss:

  • Brian's Chris Farley moment with Marcello

  • Marcello's infosec origin story

  • CrackMapExec, how it came to be, how it was named, and what's coming in the new version of CME

  • Marcello's decision to create Porchetta Industries as a community to provide "support to open source infosec/hacking tool developers and helps them succeed with their own Github sponsorships." Marcello welcomes you to follow Porchetta Industries on Twitter and Discord.

  • What does Marcello do when he's not pentesting and coding? And does he ever get tired of pentesting and coding?

  • What the heck is Nim and why is Marcello so excited about OffensiveNim?