7MS #435: Homecoming and Home ioT Security - Part 2
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7MS #435: Homecoming and Home ioT Security - Part 2

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Hi again! It's sort of fun to release two episodes in one week for a change. If you missed part 1 on our ioT security series, check it out here. Today we dive into some free/cheap monitoring solutions you can use to keep tabs on your ioT network (or any network, really):

  • Nagios - it's old school but gets the job done. This article helped me get it going on an RPi.

  • SolarWinds IP monitor - it was quick and easy to get up and running, but the 40 monitors you're allotted get burned up pretty quick if you have a decent number of devices to monitor

  • PRTG - this is the winner in my book. It has a generous amount of monitors, quick/easy install, and a native mobile app!

It also wouldn't be a 7MS episode without some personal tangents including:

  • Another epic run-in with Caribou Coffee stores
  • How I ate a huge slice of Apple-flavored humble pie in front of a tech support person