7MS #434: Homecoming and Home ioT Security
1 min read Podcast, ioT

7MS #434: Homecoming and Home ioT Security

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WE'RE HOME! After almost a year after our fire, we're back, baby!

This episode is somewhat of a homecoming that dovetails into an episode about ioT security. I've basically done a 180 degree spin on ioT stuff. I now love the coolness and convenience of these things while simultaneously being terrified of the security risks. Is there a happy balance somewhere between the two? Maybe. Today we dive into ioT security, specifically:

  • Setting up a ioT dedicated wireless network
  • Quarantining it so it can only talk to the Internet
  • Poking holes in the firewall to allow ioT DNS requests to be captured
  • Scanning your ioT for services and potential default/weak cred use