7MS #411: More Fun Stay-at-Home Security Projects
1 min read Podcast

7MS #411: More Fun Stay-at-Home Security Projects

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Today is sort of a continuation of episode 407 where we covered four fun stay-at-home security projects including FoldingAtHome building a headless pi-hole, redoing your network with a Dream Machine, and enjoing some music via Zoom by way of Q.U.A.C.K.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Pentester Academy is awesome and currently has a steal of a deal if you're looking to score a membership on the cheap!

  • CompTIA caught my eye because they're offering 20% off certain tests/bundles with coupon code earthday2020. Personally I'm this close to pulling the trigger on this CompTIA Cloud+ bundle, and even better, they offer online testing during this stay-at-home time!

  • Pi-Holes are a free and awesome way to keep ads and other garbage off your network. Additionally, I give you 100 extra nerd points if you enable DNSSSEC. Just make sure your date/time settings on the box is correct, otherwise DNS will be pretty broken. I discuss a fix here on the 7MS forums.

  • I'm really digging the Done app because it's making me feel like I can set reasonable goals and track them simply while not stressing over them anymore.

  • Gitbook is my new favorite place to dump documentation. Check out my Codenewb example.