7MS #408: Cell Phone Security for Tweenagers - Part 2
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7MS #408: Cell Phone Security for Tweenagers - Part 2

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"I think of what the world could be
If it did not have COVID-19
A million dreams is all it's gonna taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!"

Today's episode is a continuation and update on the cell phone security for tweenagers episode from about a year ago. Specifically, I talk about:

  • How the cell phone contract I put together for my tweenager kind of blew up in my face
  • I'm the worst dad in the world because my wife and I enforced a "no screens" policy for a few weeks. We lived. Barely.
  • Apple Screen Time is your friend, and helps put some limits on iDevice use
  • The Dream Machine makes it easy to setup a segmented wireless network just for your kids. You can also "time box" their individual network to only broadcast at certain hours of the day
  • You can then apply OpenDNS to filter bad sites on just the kiddo network or ALL your networks
  • If you make a home backup/DR plan make sure it includes important stuff like: passwords to important things, as well as critical contacts like your tax prep person, financial advisor and subcontractors.
  • When doing school-from-home when one kid isn't in the house, we've found it helpful to setup a shared Google doc that contains high priority projects and a calendar with expectations for the week. We will also be doing a daily FaceTime check-in to make sure everything is going well.
  • This virus is a "big fat buttweek" - according to my 9-year-old