7MS #394: DIY Pwnagotchi
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7MS #394: DIY Pwnagotchi

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Sung to the tune of "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman"

Do you wanna build a Pwnagotchi?
Even though you thought you never would?
I really hope mine doesn't ever break
It grabs wifi handshakes
It does it really good!

Today's episode is all about Pwnagotchi, a cute little device whose sole purpose in life is to gobble WPA handshakes! Check out today's episode to learn more about the device (as well as some pwn-a-gotchas that you should be aware of), and then come to the next 7MS user group meeting to build your own! If you can't make this meeting I'll also do a Webinar version of the presentation - likely in February or March, so stay tuned to our Webinars page.

At the end of today's episode I talk about my troll foot. I fractured my ankle on Christmas Eve and was basically this lady. At the end of the day I received an avulsion fracture and it kinda made my Christmas stink. But 2020 is gonna absolutely rip, friends!