7MS #343: Interview with Dan DeCloss
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7MS #343: Interview with Dan DeCloss

Psssst! Wanna come to the first ever 7MS User Group meeting? It's coming up on January 14th. You can join in person or virtually! Head here for more information!

Dan DeCloss (a.k.a. wh33lhouse on Slack and @PlexTracFTW aon Twitter) joined me virtually in the studio to talk about his passion project, PlexTrac. Dan also shared his insight on all sorts of great topics, including:

  • How to bleed "purple" and get comfortable playing on both the attacking and defending side of the house

  • What areas are we failing in defending our networks - and what kind of things can we do make our networks more resilient?!

  • What's the biggest challenge you see on both the blue and red team side (spoiler alert: communication is super important!)?

  • How do you break into a cyber security position that requires X years of experience when you have zero experience (Dan offers a great tip: don't be intimidated by requirements on job postings...they're often excessive/unreasonable)

  • Ways to show security aptitude on your resume without necessarily having a bunch of experience:

    • Build a home lab
    • Create a blog
    • Bug bounties
    • Make a podcast
    • Get certs (or at least get enrolled in them)
  • Some history on PlexTrac and what inspired Dan to create it