7MS #235: Pwning Billy Madison
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7MS #235: Pwning Billy Madison

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Today I'm going to walk you through pwning the Billy Madison VM hosted at VulnHub. To be blunt, there are way better write-ups and videos walking through the path to pwnage, so I wanted to take a slightly different angle this time and do a "behind the scenes" look at how the VM is put together. Hopefully you get some inspiration to then create a vulnerable VM of your own!

Important links

  • The ADHD project is where many of Billy's trolls and traps come from, including the SSH and telnet honeypot, as well as phony Wordpress site.

  • I setup Billy's completely insecure SMB share using guidance from this blog post.

  • ROT13.com is a nice ROT13 decoder.

  • The fake SMTP server running on Billy is, appropriately, called FakeSMTP.

  • The open-source FTP server used is called ColoradoFTP.

  • Here's the slick pcap-parsing script courtesy of mrb3n813 (thank you Ben!).

  • Setting up port knocking is pretty straightforward.

  • If your Kali isn't pulling the latest version of Truecrack (3.6 at time of this writing) you might want to build from source like I did.

  • Download Veracrypt here.


Here's the complementary video content for today's audio podcast: