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In today's off-topic episode I talk about my 5 favorite (and least favorite) things about Tom Clancy's The Division for Xbox One. Here we goooooooo....

1. 100% reliant on soild Internet connectivity

  • Have a blip in your Internet connection? Lose all progress in current mission!!!

  • Gigs of updates to download on a regular basis, yet the game appears to be getting buggier.

2. Dumb bosses!

  • I beat one by walking away.
  • Beat another while he was hoping around like a bunny.
  • Beat another that got trapped between two cars.

3. Unnecessary celebrations

  • Dudes on my team love to celebrate a victory in the middle of the freaking battle we have not won yet while I'm left facing all the bad guys by myself!

4. Phantoms and floaters

  • You can walk into a parking lot or hallway with zero bad guys, only to turn around a millisecond later and have it chock full of enemies.

  • Sometimes the citizens you need to help (by giving water, supplies, etc.) float above my head, thus I'm unable to "reach" to pass them items.

5. "Uhh...where the f do I go?"

  • Had one level point me back and forth between two checkpoints for about 15 minutes. That was fun.