Things discussed today:

  • We could make $1M if we made a tool that could correlate data from all the popular pentesting tools.
  • The differences in vuln descriptions between AppSpider and Nexpose really grind my gears!
  • My parents' dog wears a $50 LL Bean jacket - wha?
  • If you have a URL list with lots of junk characters before/after the address (like I do when I copy/paste from AppSpider) here's how you can clean that up in Notepad++:

    • Copy/paste the list of URLs into Notepad++.
    • Do a Ctrl+F, click Replace, and search for Regular Expression of Root Cause.* and then Replace All with nothing.
    • Click Replace All and everything at the end of the URLs will be nuked.
    • Do the Replace All again, but this time with URL:. as the regular expression.
    • Then everything before the URL will be nuked and you'll have a nice clean list of URLs to work with!