7MS #143: Friday Infosec News and Links Roundup
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7MS #143: Friday Infosec News and Links Roundup

Here are some of my fav' stories and links for this week!

  • Burn it all...The New Security Fundamentals (Wednesday, January 20 @ 1 p.m. CST): a free Webinar on setting up the "core technical things you need to do for your security program." I've attended many Webinars from the BHIS group and they're always informative and humorous.

  • Real World Web Penetration Testing (Thursday, January 28 @ 1 p.m. CST): a $25 Webinar on going through "a real world penetration test. We will explore the methodology and procedures Secure Ideas follows as we test web applications. The course will also walk through some tricks and tips on how to focus your testing on likely flaws."
    I have seen four of their recorded courses before and found them to be absolutely worth the money I spent, so I'm confident this upcoming session will be no exception.

  • Fortinet SSH backdoor not much to say except if you use any of the affected products, update immediately as they contain an SSH backdoor:

    • FortiOS v4.3.17 or any later version of FortiOS v4.3 (available as of July 9, 2014)

    • FortiOS v5.0.8 or any later version of FortiOS v5.0 (available as of July 28, 2014)

    • Any version of FortiOS v5.2 or v5.4

  • Hacker sentenced to 334 years in prison for operating a phishing Web site similar to that of a legit banking Web site. Moral of the story? Don't do that.

  • Don't use IE 8, 9 or 10 anymore! unless you like to live dangerously.