7MS #121: Migrating from Tumblr to Ghost-Part 2
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7MS #121: Migrating from Tumblr to Ghost-Part 2

Part 2 concludes my journey in moving 7ms.us from Tumblr to a Digital Ocean droplet running Ghost. Here are the key resources mentioned during the podcast:

  • How to run multiple Ghost blogs on one DI VPS. The key takeaway here was that I had to upgrade to the $10 droplet (I did a "flexible" resize to add more proc/memory) and then the second instance of Ghost installed fine.

  • Turning on CloudFlare SSL was easy. I chose flexible SSL since I wasn't using a "real" cert. I also wrote a rule to force HTTPs for all connections. And, just for grins, I turned on DNSSEC. Because...why not? :-)

  • I picked a strong root password for my DI droplet, but I still don't like the idea of IPs banging on that connection all day and night. I followed this article on installing Fail2Ban to prevent my SSH login from being abused.

    • There are a few IPs that I want to perma-ban, so I'm going to look through this article and this one which looks a tad easier.

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